We produce high quality accessories for your dog.

Sustainability and fair working conditions are very important to us. This is why we make sure that our raw materials are produced as ecologically, sustainably and fairly as possible. We produce exclusively under fair working conditions in Germany.

We try to keep the proportion of animal components as low as possible. No other animal should suffer for our darlings. If we use materials of animal origin, e. g. sheep’s wool, then these come from controlled organic animal farming. We will never have leather.

In order to create the greatest possible transparency, we explain the origin, additives and certifications of our raw materials wherever possible. We believe that good and honest products do not only serve our environment and the people who have worked with us on our products, but also that you and your dog will notice the differences to conventionally manufactured products.

We are aware that honest products have their price. In return, you and your dog will benefit from a unique quality and no one has to feel guilty about bad production conditions.

But all this is not enough for us. Our heart beats not only for sustainable and fair conditions, but also for beautiful, simple and practical design. Our goal is that you will enjoy our products for a long time.

Our first product is a high-quality dog bed made of oak wood, with a soft mattress made of natural rubber and coconut latex. But this one product will not last in the future. We have many more ideas that we will develop and test little by little. So stay tuned.

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Caro & Christoph