Dog leash Mio

Our dog leash Mio is the perfect complement to the dog collar Mio. Together they form the perfect team and make every dog look unique with their exclusive design.

Made from strong cotton webbing and black cork fabric, Mio is not only indestructible but also very sustainable. The gold snap hook is very stable and robust in addition to its unique appearance.


S: length 180 cm, width 2 cm
M/L: length 180 cm, width 2,5 cm



For Mio, we use cork fabric in addition to a robust cotton webbing. Cork fabric is often referred to as the new leather because the properties of both materials are very similar. Cork fabric, however, has the advantage of being 100% ecological and sustainable. If Mio is dirty, you can wash it by hand without any problems.

In order to extract the cork, no trees have to be felled. Only the uppermost cork layer is removed from the old cork oaks. The bark is then cut into thin strips and applied to a carrier material. Finally, the coke is dyed, which gives it its unique appearance.


M/L, S